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  • Ideal opportunity to visit Venice during the carnival this year. You have a couple of months to decide to go and become a part of total euphoria. Thousands of tourists visit Venice each year to be part of the biggest carnivals in the most older city in the world.                                               
                                          Venice magics

       TAKE A MASK!    
  • Do not forget to wear appropriate dress and how to walk through the city dressed in beautiful costumes, contributed to complete the magic atmosphere of the beautiful scenario of the city. Carnival celebration lasts for nearly two weeks. Starts in February and ends on February or later. As every year, and this 2011., through the dedication ceremony of the highlights that issue and it was Carlo Goldoni.
  • The streets of Venice Carnival were full of people in masks, and no differentiation could be made between nobility and the common people. Generally, the costume worn was a cloak with a long-nosed mask. Also popular were masked couples, where a man and a woman would dress as allegorical characters.
  • In the squares street-artists and singers entertain with songs and music from their guitars, the guests of the Venice Carnival.
Venice masks
  • Marking the birth of three hundred years of this famous Italian playwright. Do not hesitate to introduce Giacomo Casanova, the only one who escaped from prison Venice, also ride in the gondola with Carlo Goldoni, and maybe pass near of the Venetian duke masks.
  • Venece masks will accompany you through the streets of the city as part of an imaginary historical scenes 300 years old. The only city where you can go back in the 18 century is Venice. Link this year's carnival will be inspired by memories of Carlo Goldoni and his company will travel the world and meet artists from all over the world and the 18th century. 


    • Hiding personal identities was accepted by the "moral in kidding" of the aristocracy as well as by the interclassism Venice was founding its integrity of people on. There is not much left today of the historical tradition of the Venice Carnival.     
    • In the late 1970's a popular spirit of Venice Carnival bloomed wild, young masked gangs started to throw weethstraw and eggs to not masqued people and spontaneous bands were playing everywhere around Venice; soon the aggressivity dimmed and city authorities began what is now a celebration of the Carnival, mainly for tourists. Unlike many Venetian celebrations that remain almost unknown to the public, Venice Carnival seems to be thriving as much as it ever did.
      Canale in Venice
    • There are many enterteinments and interesting performances, aside of the real parties in Venetian taste that are often hidden for the large public, which is more like to enjoy the Venice Carnival on the road.
    • Pay-for-the-party and souvenir shops are yet the easiest track for the tourists, but many curious meeting and experiences are as well available around, in Venice Carnival time.                           
                                          EDITH PIAF - VENICE




    • The most beautiful city in the world. Visiting Venice back in the 18th century. So, in the past. The spirit of the past runs around every corner, bridge, "volts" ("tunnel" for pedestrians), square, masks, gondolas ...
    • Venice is an extraordinarily beautiful city... Venice represents an urban landscape so rich in its lavishness that it can be overwhelming. It seems as if at each step you will encounter some aspect of the city worth admiring.
    • You forget that on 21 century is rightly expect to see Cassanova around the corner or on a bridge where with any luck become his next "victim". Bridge of Sighs today really takes your breath away millions of witnesses, the basilica of St. Marc draws visitors into its belly like a sea monster.

               WHAT YOU HAVE TO SEE 

        Gondola in quiet darkness
      • The major sights like the basilica and piazza of San Marco are perhaps the city’s most famous. Square St. Marc bathed in the sun or covered with water anyway, does not allow to take even a millimeter away. If you engage in adventure going to the bridge Rialto without a guide make sure that you will return ...
      • Countless bridges and tunnels are easily dazzled you with its beauty. If there accidentally drop snow or fog, you know you're in the right place perfectly landscaped scenery, and maybe even starring in a film You even don`t know ...                          
      • Venice’s most celebrated event is the Carnival, which occupies the ten days leading up to Lent. Another major event is the Regatta Storica, held on the first Sunday in September, an annual trial of strength and skill for the city’s gondoliers which starts with a procession of richly decorated historic craft along the Canal Grande course, their crews all decked out in period dress.

      Snowy gondolas
      • Venice is also the home of the Venice Biennale, set up in 1895 as a showpiece for international contemporary art, and held every odd-numbered year from June to September. Its permanent site is located in the Giardini Pubblici
      • The Piazza San Marco is the hub of most activity, signaled from most parts of the city by the Campanile, which began life as a lighthouse in the ninth century. Venice’s lavishness and fantasy, the result not just of its remarkable buildings but of the very fact that Venice is a city built on water but a city created more than 1,000 years ago by men who dared defy the sea, implanting their splendid palaces and churches on mud banks in a swampy and treacherous lagoon. Gothic styles were adapted to create a new kind of Venetian Gothic art and architecture.
      • Everyone knows that the city is built on thousands and thousands of oak log. Passes through the city hundreds of channels, through which stretches back four hundredths of bridges. Canal Grande is the main avenue and is longer than four kilometers. 

              CANALE GRANDE 

        • Water Avenue is a beautifully decorated palaces that all next to each other their beautiful facades show the channel. Churches have a special story. Act like a theatrical backdrop, with impressive domes, bridges and unique Piazzetom lapped by the sea from the lagoon ....
          Gondolas in darkness
        • Venice is a unique blend of water, art and romance located four kilometers from terra firma and two kilometers from the Adriatic Sea. It is a treasure from the artistic and architectural point of view. 
        • The city was built on over 100 islands in a lagoon on an exceptional atmosphere during the phenomenon of "high water," when the high tide exceeds the level of dry land and floods the main streets and piazzas of Venice. For these reasons, Venice is one of the cities most visited by tourists from around the world. Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance are the principal reference points for the artistic development of Venice

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