There you have to think that the New Year are an event.... Do you still thinking ... "That is the craziest day and then I'll spend as ever," or "I do not care. Can be carried out at least one day when everything is crazy and unforgettable..."

Okay, I'm not saying that the New Year insignificant date, but is it very boring every year wait midnight and then all at the same time to drink champagne, everything in the same time tally, at the same time tune pitch of enthusiasm, at the same time eat the same food, in a time to dance the same dance ... but it takes a day, maybe even three, and some still enjoy it even thay are no children. Because you have to admit, the children's New Year's, still biggest event. 
Gifts, a lot of various kinds of light in a dark, soaring heat in the family home and the heart, as opposed to a huge chill out of the house ... 


Venetian - mask

But we?? We're not kids anymore ... we have more than 30 years ... we want something new, different, without order, sequence, known dances, smiling preprogrammed faces ...A New year are coming slowly, but we do not know what to do with ourselves ....

                Venice Carnival 2014 

Immediately after the New Year .... Book hotel in Venice as soon as you can. Ensure enough money for the right things in a right time! Rooms at the hotel are very good for 60 - 70 € and for no longer even need to speak. Camera! Be sure to bring your camera! Some sort of device for recording that you can always switch to an image. So that you can always go to your room take a new device for recordings. Some favorite foods which you also always taking with you.
Enough time to meet the Venetian past, look sestiere attractions which you treat your spirit and give them their own interest... 


    Unbelievable urban city without a car ...The city with sense of avant-garde, exploration and culture at every turn ... The city of dreamers, people with a strong imagination, lovers of old stone ... CARNIVAL ... Indescribable time indescribable city ...
    Venice in fog

    Yes, you who have listened to me or you believed before, we learn that every day in Venice are  Carnival. In its all own glory in every place the entire duration of the carnival. Yes, there are countless tourists but when night falls, you are alone with your city in your most beautiful street or bridge or tunnel for foot-travellers or channel which light illuminates all those places with same brilliance as 1300.  ... 
    A series of parties and masked balls, free and expensive, happen all over the city. You do not know where... But, main performances stay always at San Marco Square with Pittura Fresco, if not prohibited ...
    Enchanted with every each window and colorful that coming from him, inebriation Vivaldi and Verdi ....
    Enchanted  too loud Ravel's Bolero on the square ...

    Serving wine from the fountain at the time of the carnival

    Enchanted of wine flowing from the fountain near Basilica San Marco and serve it to you for 2 € barmaid in Venetian costumes ...

    Merlot in streams for € 2 cup, the Piazza San Marco

    Are you some think it's here now easy to write as Venice all offers? Squeeze a couple of links and you will know. I know that  regularly, at least once a year I  let my head  enchant with all the Venetian magic ... It`s a little once, twice... The city is too big, and there are so many details that simply intoxicates imaginative man and it's hard to turn away from some places that it totally obsessed (eg. Basilica San Marco in the evening) ... and just past that it envelops the secrets and mysteries ...
    Also, in all these carnival rituals enchants and all the madness that your fear of the unknown mystical city needs, and to keep all of unknown events that may occur in the thousands and thousands of visitors ... Do not leave it out of control at any one time!
    This rule applies to all cities and even in Venice ... It can not  happen to you hit by a car but the channel can fall if you overalcoholic or uncontrolled situation ... so always beware!

    Venice - evening



    I will slowly creep into the city. Late in the evening  go and get in Venice early in the morning. Car ... parked in Mestre and pay in advance for 2-3 days. It depends how much I want to stay. During  staying in Venice , sometimes go back in Mestre, by the way visit my car. It is just 1 €  by train , 15 minutes away from the Venice and not at all difficult.
    Mask in front of the Bridge of Sighs


    Disembark at Santa Lucia , look back and you will see so many people and tourists who likes a fictional scene in time for the special pleasures of photography, for gastronomic delights and, above all, the historical interaction. Overtake me a special feeling. If you are a first time in Venice, I think you will be captivated of many people, the crowds they produce, urgency, a number of differences, colorful, traffic without a car ...... Amazing ...

    Try it all and see how it looks a bed. Be sure to look through the window, which provides an unusual scenes on the hidden mystery of the city. This city has so much detail that you feel that the time spent in Venice, pass very, very quickly ...


    Everything is arranged, settled, the bathroom is clean. Bathed and decorated, descend on the way out. I pray to God that it is cloudy and foggy ... That directly affects mood. Mask? I have so much choice to buy a new..But white, with no markings... I love it and it is not expensive ... three-cornered hat and coat I had brought from home and go straight... Turn, turn ...


    Foreign tourists have to be just non-stop on the way through the streets. Chinese, Japanese, Asians, Russians, all kinds of Europeans. If you meet the Italians it is a "miracle". As soon as the weight of so many foreign people there, there is a high risk of a variety of habits and customs and should TAKE CARE ONESELF! Not uncommon at the time of the carnival found drowned people overdose of alcohol or other substances ... Beware my people ...


    If you have not set priorities and where to go and what to see first then you astray... In fact you're confused by the many offers. A sequence does not... Everything is everywhere and everywhere, but you are in the middle... Then, that encounter, the first in a row you see, and wonder and have no idea what it is. That you must not happen! Cause that, you would not go to Venice as a total ignorant. As a totally ignorant, if tomorrow someone asks where you were, problem is if you have no idea what St. Mark is, all the details you have on my site. It`s not difficult for study.   

                                                Venice store
    Where was I ...yes, pushing between the crowded people and think, "dear God, is there any place with so much crowd people in the world that`s not a China?" What is not good! People who is all over the streets ar not under masks, and they ar not " IN "like me, but who cares? As you know me without a mask????
    Walking and watching the windows with beautiful lighting, you can not stop to looking. Beautiful gilded masks, someone are expensive ( € 100 - € 200 ) and thay have been created for some special nooks or walls in your home .... I love Bauta black, and the one with the nose of the plague ... (See my blog on Carnival ) ... If you are buying a mask purchase it from the true maker of masks that are handcrafted and handpainting in workshops that are open at the center of Venice. Not imported masks from some countries who imported for easy money for the guests of Venice .


                  VENETIAN craftsman, maker of masks and JEWELRY

              (Sestiere: San Marco ... I forgot the street ...)

    Walking along the left and right, I'm spinning ... But fatigue is slowly catching up with me. Besides, you'd better sit down on  good and beautiful place. Let others walk and I'll watch and admire. Buy Bavaria beer, find a nice bridge and his best position, even more beautiful, and people "flows" like a river... Under the bridge gondoliers pushed his black beauties on a view of tourists, which allow them to produce a good shot ... 

    At the moment I am in the frame of a large number of tourists ... Taking a photo of  me as I`m a true Venetian ... Venice attractions, myself, 'I'!! ... That's why my mask is nice ... They did not know who is under mask when they took the picture of the bridge crew and goes looking for a new casting. You offered them memories of Venice . And I created as " Venetian "... That's your chance to become the Venetian and you did not even dream of ...
    Ordinary street in Santa Croce

    I occupy a position like this, so ... I'm talking some kind of language with liquid mixture Dalmatian and Italian accents. As if anyone understands ... People from a far east, smiling, totally elated and three times drunken than I will be, when I will meet the wine fountain in St. Mark's Square ...
    Went to the Japanese, and I returned to my beers and bridges ... I wish I took it home. My cute little bridge ... 

    One small bridge, and I though that so much pedestrians passes in one day over him, in relation to my city where does not pass through the all city same number pedestrians in one day. Perfect! ... My corner, a small bridge, and mask. I'm the actor in the whole scenery which I've chosen, with hundreds of actors and hundreds of characters.

    Act out a role in dozens of recordings and photos ... And I'm just getting started ...  

    Venice mask


    Canal in Venice

    Gloomy, overcast sky disappeared under transparent blue, and the winter sun shone every corner of Venice. So I decided to, problems that plague in the city put a little left under the carpet and enjoy a romantic illusion of some ancient time. Visiting a number of squares that are a memorial to Venice. From time when was the center of the world.
                                       MOVEMENT AT DAWN...   

    I walked its streets and exploring the rich history that is screaming from every angle. I started walking early before dawn, the main square - Piazza San Marco. The always lively square welcomed the first sunny rays of the day and felt like heaven. Pigeons fly to the square but there were no people who will feed them. Then I wandered off somewhere down many streets, lost in this magnificent, yet empty maze. Then again looking a way for a second time back to St. Mark's Square .
    Stores and caffe bars are opened, I would take coffee to go and watch the morning sun greets awakened city. One morning you afford coffee at Cafe Florian in St Mark's Square . One of the oldest coffee shop in the world, and today one of the most expensive - coffee in the neoclassical interior is 11 €! Then I went to the Doge's Palace , the Gothic buildings constructed of local stone. 
    In the halls of the Senate, I watched the splendor of the Venetian palace where preserves  huge, revolutionary paintings by Titian and Tintoretto. Also there is ancient Mediterranean maps of Venetians conquerors and their commercial skills and navy.

    Venice - Cannaregio Coffe

    I walked across the bridge of Sighs to the notorious prison where people are withered and disappeared. The only lucky one who managed to escape from it, was controversial Giacomo Casanova . A representative of the time in which Venice was the world center of the entertainment and gratification.
    I was walking the streets, and whenever I saw a colossal Renaissance edifice, I checked in the book what it is. Yes, a good portion of these architectural masterpieces - works signed by the great Italian architect and restorer of ancient traditions architecture, Palladio .

    Afther that, I walked through the narrow streets and suddenly came into the square, which would be dominated by large Gothic church like Sante Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and Santi Giovanni e Paolo, where it hides the grave of our Marin Držić . This relatively small city has 121 church, most of which today not operational. Some of these churches I sought and found the works of our painter Andrew Medulić.
    Santi Giovanni e Paolo

    Sometimes I crawled into a passage that would not put me to the channel or in a dead end, but in the courtyard of lots of houses. In center of each courtyard there is a well special pipe system pouring rain that has thrived city. Today, of course, no longer used, many are on it and forgotten, but they remind us of the time when the Venetians gathered in the courtyard and the well extracted precious water.  
    I walked up to the east end of the island, where every year the Biennale. Once there was a mighty Arsenal - site of warships. Site who presented most height of Venice power. Before the Battle of Lepanto in 1571 . year, it was made 50 ships per month!

    That evening I ended up in a small church near the bridge Rialto . Here is one of many music groups performed mighty works of Vivaldi. The famous Venetian composer. Live sounds of his most famous hit, " The Four Seasons "are perhaps best conveyed the grandeur and atmosphere of this long-lost time. 

    Santa Maria dei Miracoli

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