Venice mask
                           Invitation to Venice  
  • Retourning in realy past... Specially in winter.... Cold old town with great past. No cars, no sounds... just sounds of shoes, sea, people speach...Vivaldi...
  • Every Your step in caffe bar is uniqe. Great, beautiful hotels, make to You unforgetable experiance. Stay in a comfortable apartment with all You can imagine, but, when step outside find yourselves in a past... Because that town is not occupated with contemporary living. All Venice house has old anterior. And it can not be change. Every tourist can experian those old feeling. When fog is outside, cold, dark in early evening, long dark street, small bridges, no lights, foggg ...Venice asking You: "do You know anithing about me? Are You scare of me...? Here is dengerous for unknown people!"
  • So, let our Venice stay in past...She always drawing back... to discover all streets, all bridges... all houses, all great squares...I don`t know better place for better feeling... All other towns has they own story, and they are unique for themselves, but they are all similar...       
                             WAY THROUGH  THE  VENICE

                          THIS IS VENICE

    As you approach the portals of the Basilica di San Marco, you feel a buzz surge through the crowd. A moment ago, you were a motley group of tourists, art students and occasional nun - now you`re ensemble players in the epic drama that is Venice.

    Yet Venice isn`t a one-stage venue. The dazzling pagentry continues at I Frari, Gallerie dell`Accademia, Scuola Grande di San Rocco and, of course, Teatro La Fenice. And if you think your walk-on part at these attractions is exhilarating, wait until you step backstage - which is never more than a sotoportego (passageway) away. In narrow calli (streets) off the thoroughfares to San Marco, you`ll glimpse the behind-the-scenes creativity that keeps the whole production afloat: artisans at work in their studios, cooks whipping up four-star cicheti (Venetian tapas) on single-burner hotplates, musicians lugging 18th-century cellos to chamber-music practice. Here the volume is turned down, and you can hear the muffled sounds of intermission - neighbours kissing hello and Veronese spaniels trotting over footbridges.


    But haven`t Venetians heard their city is sinking? Absolutely - and true to form, they`re staging a creative comeback. Venice has already survived plague, invasion and floods; under threat of imminent destruction, Venetians painted masterpieces, invented new architecture styles and created new musical genres. But rising tides are one thing, cruise ships are another. Millions of visitors annually disembark with just three hours to tour Venice, and if each day tripper asked one local for directions to San Marco, every Venetian would hear the question repeated 333 times a year.

                              ACQUA ALTA IN VENICE

    This is wher you come in. With your excellent map and insider info, ask questions Venetians actually enjoy answering. What`s the best Venetian dish? How about those Venice Film Festival winners? And the most revealing questions of all: what`s new? Already there are new twists on baroque music, new galleries in ancient  warehouses and new hotels in Palladian cloisters. Your timing is perfect - Venice`s next act is just beginning. ALISON BING
    literature: Bing Alison. Venice Encounter: This is Venice. ISBN 9781741049978. London: Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd ABN36005607983, 2009., 

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